[sticky post]A little introduction
Since I´m recently here a little bit more active I want say a few things about myself.

About my LJ profile/account:
Until now I was here at LJ mostly inactive. Just commenting a few things so far. And builit up a community for a project - which was canceled at the end. So my profile still looks very poor.
I´m generelly not type of person who write lots of blogs. So, don´t expect something like that here. (On my german community site too, where I´m most active, I also wrote there less than 35 blog entrys in years; but did tons of comments, discussions and other things there. ;))
Recently I did found some interesting communitys and joined them. Because of that I´m a bit more active now and in the near future.
You can write me anytime a message. Talking about same interests is always nice and fun. :) So, don´t be shy, because I´m that already. ^^°

A bit about myself:
By the way, I´m german. If there are german speaking people around, we can talk german in messages/PM. ;) Or if you also are registered at "Animexx" you can find me there too, just ask. ^^ At Animexx I´m most active.
I´m interested in Anime, Manga, Games, J-Music, J-Dorama. To make it short: a few Japan releated things. I also visit some events of that. Mostly local and regional events: regualry meetings, conventions, Japan-Festival, Nintendo Tours.
Anime/Manga genre: Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fighting/Action, a bit Magical Girl too.
Games/Gaming: I also have a Nintendo 3DS. Streetpass! Yah~ Thats really cool and interesting. Generally like games of Super Mario, Tetirs, Ace Attorney (Gyakuten), 07th Expansion/Ryukishi07, Hotel Dusk – Room 215, Last Window – The secret of Cap West. Some examples.
Music. I like J-Pop and J-Rock, Game-Music, but also a bit classics too. My absolute favorite group is: Hey! Say! JUMP
Did watch some Anime/Manga and Hey! Say! JUMP releated J-Doramas. And planning to continue that too.
I´m a big fan of Biathlon (its sports). In around a month, the new World Cup (Season) will start again. Can´t wait to see it live on TV. Biathlon is my No. 1 winter sports to watch. It´s very interesting, exciting and enjoyable.
I personally like inline skating very much (sadly because of weather and nows season, I can´t do it anymore this year). But also like swimming.

Ok, now I´m coming to an end.

My JUMP collection so far and some comments
Today, I want to show my JUMP stuffs. They are mostly their CDs and DVDs releases, and a few other things.
I don´t own much merchandise. Don´t know where I would/could get them (and only buying over the internet I don´t want that - also because of the security). I buy/preorder their CDs and DVDs at a japanese store in my town. There I had the chance to get the latest two calendars too, and a picturebook. :)
Till I get my preorderd/ordered releases/things it´ll take always around a month (after its release) shipping (to Europe, Germany). So, I´m always very happy and gratefull, if other fans already shares these stuffs shortly after the release date. Or if I were unlucky to get the limited editions, that they share this content too. ^^
Sadly, because of this long shipping time, I´ve never the chance to get the special pictures, which are only accessable a few days after the release. :(

Ok, now, I think its time for some pictures. Sorry for the bad qualitiy of the pictures. They were taken by my Nintendo 3DS camera and aren´t so good. But I have no other camera (expect for an old one which still needs films). (I´m not the type who makes a lot of pictures; and for the few minors, the 3DS camara was fine)

Heres my shelf with the CDs and DVDs (the right one is the photobook and the second to right one is the smaller calender of 2015/2016).

I also want to buy (or at last try) to get the first CDs and DVDs of them too. I still haven´t them. I´m a JUMP fan since two years now, so the older releases, I bought them afterwards too.
But at the last two years, I was sometimes lucky. To get all editions of its releases (the limited one too of course; besides the normal one when there was a first press edition too). Such as JUMPing Car, Chau# / Wo I Need You, Kimi Attraction, Maji SUNSHINE, Sensations - Sayonara Sensation, LIVE TOUR 2015 JUMPing CARnival and LIVE TOUR 2014 smart too. :)
I´m still waiting for my DEAR regual CD to arrive. This time, I had no luck and it only will be the regular edition, what I could get.
A side note - a certain story: A talk between my friend and me. It was around the time, when the details of the DEAR album was announced.
I mentioned, that the next album release details are out now. We were talking about that theme and JUMP.
He: Oh, you´re lucky to get lately all the limited JUMP releases.
I: Yes, currently I have a really good flow~. ^^ (I always got all editions for the last few releases; so lucky~)
The following day, I got the e-mail from the japanese store (where I always try to preorder all editions). There was written, that they only got the regular edition for me.
My reaction. "Noooooooooooooooooo! Only the regular one." At that time, I thought "argh, its defintively the fault of my friend. Saying such a sentence, he provoked my luck". At this moment I cursed him for saying that and maybe, I could have "killed" him. Because (maybe) of his statement, my luck has run out?! XD
At the same day, after I received the e-mail, then I replyed my friends message. And I added "... until, now. Now I have lost my luck. This time, I only will get the regular one. :("

Calendar for 2015/2016:
The bigger one hanging on the wall.

Pictures of the smaller calendar:

Calendar for 2016/2017:
The bigger one is also hanging on a wall:

A picture of the smaller one:

The picturebook. "Hey! Say! JUMP Concert Photograph Report Concert Lovers":
The cover:

Index page:

And one page in the middle of the book:

Thats all, what I have of JUMP releated items. So far.


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